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The Subjective Approach to Inequality Measurement



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VirtualLab Demo




Virtual Lab Interactive Demo

This page contains links to a live, interactive demo of our “virtual laboratory” for study of people's attitudes to issues of social equity and inequality.

The Virtual Laboratory approach is implemented using Internet technology and permits a new way of carrying out attitude surveys and experiments. This approach supersedes previous work in the area that used paper questionnaires or laboratory experiments. There is no need of having extensive and expensive experimental setups; a set of custom made programs running on a web server computer is everything we need. The questionnaires/experiments can then be carried on by individuals in their own computers connected to the Internet, or in any computer classroom with very modest facilities.

The first link takes you to a demo of the a default experiment. The second link is intended to show the "nuts and bolts" behind the experiments. The idea is that researchers will set up their experiments in the "Control Panel", then have subjects taking the tests, and using the control panel again to retrieve and handle the data. All of this is done in a decentralized manner, with eventually no help needed on the server side. Please feel free to browse and experiment with these links: