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Welcome to the Attitudes to Income Distribution page, the homepage of the project "Attitudes to Social Equity: An Internet Approach", funded by the European Science Foundation


The focus of this project is to combine the talents of a number of researchers who have been advancing the understanding of the meaning of “Social Equity” and its implications for public policy. The main strand of the group’s activities concerns the co-ordination of work on a “virtual laboratory” for study of people's attitudes to issues of social equity. The virtual laboratory approach is implemented using Internet technology and permits a new way of carrying out attitude surveys and experiments. This approach supersedes previous work in the area that used paper questionnaires or laboratory experiments.

Please feel free to visit our Virtual Laboratory pages, where you will find a bit more about how the Virtual Lab concept works and see some examples of the kind of thing that you do with it. Or you can go directly to the VirtualLab Demo.

These web pages host a number of resources, including a brief introduction to the project's background, methodology and objectives, a selected bibliography (with online working papers) and a list of the researchers involved in the project. You can also download a PDF file with a presentation of the project and some empirical results. Please use the navigation bar on your left to access them. You can also check our June 2001 Conference Programme.