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  University of Oviedo: 19-23 March 2007
Frank Cowell's lectures
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  • Each slideshow contains hot links to the papers cited. Just go to the References slide at the end
  • Treat the slide-shows as provisional until the lecture has actually been given; I may make last-minute changes to the presentations.

Outline, reading and references Outline, reading and references  
Inequality and Poverty: Agenda Inequality and Poverty: Agenda What do we know? Data sources, simple tools. Analytical approaches and experiments
Welfare Analysis of Distribution Welfare Analysis of Distribution Income, personal welfare, utility. The basis for redistribution. Risk and welfare
Income Distribution and Welfare Income Distribution and Welfare Welfare comparisons. Axiomatic structure. Rankings. Welfare and needs.
Inequality Measurement Inequality Measurement Inequality orderings. Social welfare and inequality. Distance. Decomposition.
Poverty Measurement Poverty Measurement Links with inequality. Poverty concepts and measures. Poverty orderings.
Deprivation, Complaints and Inequality Deprivation, Complaints and Inequality Axiomatics. Reference incomes, deprivation, poverty and complaints.
Equivalisation and weighting questionnaire Equivalisation and weighting questionnaire  
Equivalisation, Weighting Distributional Comparisons Equivalisation, Weighting Distributional_Comparisons Seminar presentation of questionnaire results

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