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  Extended essays 
  Some successful essay projects from recent years
Essay 2000 #2 The effects of the taxation of foreign direct investment: An empirical assessment
Essay 2000 #5 Inflation and income distribution: a survey of research strategies for empirical estimation (with an application to the Argentine case)
Essay 2001 #1 Strategic interaction between network electricity operators and the government
Essay 2001 #2 Corruption and the composition of government expenditure: A brief review of the literature and an empirical study for four EU countries”
Essay 2001 #3 The impact on income distribution of in-work benefit and child support reform in the U.K. A microsimulation exercise
Essay 2004 #1 Social Welfare, Individual Well-being and Opportunity Sets
Essay 2006 #1 Taxable income elasticities and the deadweight cost of taxation in New Zealand
Essay 2006 #2 Implications of the Altruistic Bequest Motive for Optimal Wealth Transfer Taxation

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