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The Importance of Notes

The textbook, handouts, electronic resources are poor substitutes for the notes you take yourself.

Yes, you do need to write things down. To make it easier:

Both pdf and pptx versions now available

Both pdf and native PowerPoint versions of the lecture notes will be on line.

Acrobat DC app

You can turn your tablet into a powerful note-taking device with Acrobat DC.
The app can be installed on Android, iOS, Windows devices.
It supports text-annotation, handwriting and highlighting. Excellent all-round.
It costs you nothing! Find out more: Acrobat DC app   Guidance from LSE

Office 365 PowerPoint app

Did you know that MS's latest version of PowerPoint will run on your tablet?
Did you know that you can install it for free on all your devices?
Plus all the other MS-Office apps.
You just need an LSE ID. Go and get it now: Office 365

And don't forget:

You will need to save those notes somewhere.
There are plenty of options...
... Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive...
So sign up for one of them (they're free!)

23 Aug 2016